If there is one thing i have learnt from being on this earth for 45 years is that the key to my heart is authenticity. I don’t mean the word I mean the reality of it. Now that may be different for all of us but I can tell you that there are few people who really embrace that side of themselves, I mean REALLY. It is a calling and nothing and i mean NOTHING is more important when you are on the road to your truth. We all mess up, but from this place we can acknowledge that and learn.

In the past i have felt so much unnecessary pain because I tried to fit in. In school, with my family, with so called friends with friends friends and for what? Because I wanted some one to like me. That was ultimately a false perception because I was clearly mirroring their struggles too. What a learning curve.

After suffering years of pain, eating disorders (which for the record I have non of now, just the expert coping strategies) and deeply searching all corners of this earth to find the perfect teacher (Guru) to tell me that it would all be ok. I made a choice to stay at home and guess what happened? I found me. I found love. I found my truth. The faerie, the coloured haired tattoo crazed wild one who howls at the moon and channels plant energy.

I found beautiful souls who resonate with the authentic me and that my friends continues to get better. The biggest bonus is that I found the beautiful soul that ‘ I Am’ and there is no compromise. I speak my mind when I am called to and I am quiet a lot of the time because that is what is required. I don’t apologise for any of it. Gone are the days when i apologise for being me. I recognise the unauthentic people who say they are authentic. I feel them.

It’s not simple, it takes graft and it takes tears especially when children and families are involved but would I have it any other way? NO!

We are paving the way for future generations and we are giving our children permission to do the same.
What greater gift.

I dream my painting and I paint my dream – Vincent van Gogh


What is Silent Moon Imaginarium


Silent Moon Imaginarium is the creative Goddess and Wild One within us all, male or female. The watcher and all the aspects and cycles of the moon rolled into one, the one who glows from a magical place of enchantment. Shining there light on the world by acknowledging there truth and encouraging others to do the same. The imaginarium is a place devoted to the imagination the dream state and the love of all things mystical, wild and creative, a community for all to share in.

The Moon likes secrets and secret things. She let’s mysteries bleed into her shadows and leaves us to ask whether they originated from other worlds or from our own imagination – Charles de Lint