We are all steeped in a story, a rhyme and a rhythm.
We swim entangled in our worldly dance while our hopes and most intimate dreams flow behind, catching the waves of our skirts.

We ride together on this tide where there really isn’t any me or any you, but we dance, and as we dance we share our stories, the ones of hope and the ones of wisdom and we leave the murky shades behind. For the shades we find in the stories are those we treasure the most, and the connections we relinquish with our childhood are where we choose to enter the stories of our past.

As a Woman Where do I start?

Is it such a secret? If there are any men reading this then please read on. After all it is valuable information for us all and after the Awaken the Goddess Festival 2018 in London, being approached by woman suffering for womb dis-ease, emergency hysterectomies, I couldn’t ignore it, I had to write something, with a

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Flower Shower

The intensity of working with the flower energy requires me to be a clear channel so that their purest message can flow through me without any disturbance, without any personal involvement from me and my story. I love the saying ‘get out of your own way’ because that is exactly what this line of creation

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Awaken The Goddess 2018

I’m looking forward to returning to the Awaken the Goddess festival In London on July 28th 2018 (with Silent Moon Imaginarium). Here’s my short interview with Awaken the Goddess founder Sameena Ali,  talking Elixirs by Moonlight, Wild Ones, Colour, Moon Spirits and more… CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR TICKETS FOR THIS YEARS FESTIVAL Find out

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Awaken The Goddess

What’s On On July 22nd 2017 I have been invited (with Silent Moon Imaginarium) to take part in the Awaken the Goddess festival In London. This will be a perfect day to immerse yourself with healing, self love and nurturing of the soul. There will be workshops and vibrant market stalls and divine goddess talks,

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Silent Moon Unboxing in Illinois

I’m always curious as to why most of my offering end up in Illinois and what better way to acknowledge this by seeing one of my adorable MoonBeams opening his secret box on periscope. When i saw James had done this, it made my day. Silent Moon ISN’T just for women you know and more

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BlueBell Love

The Moon Lover Packages

The MoonLover Here is a creation and valuable asset to any Moonlover’s lifestyle. Within this handcrafted combination set of Silent Moon offerings there is a unique and mystical experience. Here you have the opportunity to surrender your heart to moonlite love: 8 moon elixirs to match the phase of each moon Your own My Moon

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Alices Dream

Queer Tear Bath Soak “Everything is queer today” ‘Who am I?’ questioned Alice. Here rests the child cocooned deep inside the adult, tearful, fearful and in need of a trusting embrace. Looking to the elder for the love that brings a rainbow into their small child’s heart. Between the two of them they know that

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The Aspects of Woman Trilogy

Acknowledging the female and all her aspects lead to the creation of this MoonLite trilogy. Patiently awaiting solstice energies and propitious flowers, trees and buds to share their whispering stories, these noble elixirs have now boldly emerged full of distinction and grace. There’s a Jewel-like, regal integrity held in every bottle that offers purity, wisdom

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Dora’s Field Elixir

Dora’s Field Elixir created at Dora’s Field ‘Rydal’ the home of William Wordsworth. This Daffodil Elixir gives you permission to step through the door of fear, to leave what may feel secure and safe knowing deep down that moving forward with courage and trust is the only way to serve your highest good. An Elixir

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