Once upon a time in the silence of the moon there lived a rainbow maker who buried herself deep in the heart of her cave in fear that others might see her colours. She studied Yoga and meditations, flowers, herbs, and crystals, and all things that began with nature in hope that one day she would be confident and strong enough to step out of her darkness and share her magical healing colours with the world. However, no matter how hard she tried all these aspects repeatedly echoed that security and stability were inconsistent. That her creative channels wouldn’t always flow and that her will to move forward would temporarily come to a halt from time to time, that her heart would undoubtedly be broken like the branches of the winter tree, and that during these times of heartbreak, silence would be her only virtue.

She would hold an ancient wisdom, one of knowledge and strength in her intuition, not always accepted by those around her and this brought forth tears and an inability to touch her higher self.

I dream my painting and I paint my dream – Vincent van Gogh

Time went by and the colours began to form within the reality of her mind and she was able to unveil to others that insecurity and instability were all part of life’s organic process and that appreciation of the cycles of creation and inspiration were the answer to it’s flow. When our will ceases to move us forward then this is the perfect time to stop, and when our hearts are broken, a tender acknowledgment holds the key to the door. When communication proves tiresome, we are able to embrace the silence within and if our intuition is misunderstood, then it is important to apply it anyway.

The higher self can prove difficult to touch at times but with the power of acceptance, ritual and love, we can light any dying spark.



What is Silent Moon Imaginarium


Silent Moon Imaginarium is the creative Goddess within us all, male or female. The watcher and all the aspects and cycles of the moon rolled into one, the one that glows from a magical place of enchantment. Shining her light on the world by acknowledging her truth and encouraging others to do the same. The imaginarium is a place devoted to the imagination the dream state and the love of all things mystical and creative, a community for all to share in.

The Moon likes secrets and secret things. She let’s mysteries bleed into her shadows and leaves us to ask whether they originated from other worlds or from our own imagination – Charles de Lint