Home-grown and Hand-crafted with Moonlite Love

We welcome you to Silent Moon Imaginarium, the experience maker. This is a place of solace for those with a curious disposition, a sanctuary for a tender heart, the dreamer, a land where we acknowledge that life is never as it seems, a realm where you are supported by the nature kingdom.

In here we are the sculptures of the sky, the dreamers of dreams, the merchants of magic and the weavers of wonders who dance with the flowers, who chant with the Yogis. We offer you lotions and potions, elixirs and home-grown curiosities. With these you create your own miracles simply by becoming curiouser and curiouser.

Bespoke bath soaks and scrubs are also available. Contact me to express any individual healing needs.

Through our flowers, crystals, and rainbows, through the sun, moon and stars, we offer you a light for your own inner journey, through our yoga and meditation we support your physical well-being. Granting our breath its mission to serve us, honouring the gifts of nature and the medicines she lovingly offers. We bind all this and more to form a community of tenderness and tranquillity for all who seek it.

It is all hidden inside these pages for you to discover…

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes – Carl Jung


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